Becky Becomes “The Girl with the Pigeon Tattoo”

Here’s a fun fact about Mo Willems: he pronounces Knuffle Bunny “kuh-nuffle bunny,” exactly as a child would.  Here’s another: he purposely makes his characters easy for his 5-year-old fans to copy.  In other words, Mo knows what children like.

When Mo visited Books & Books, Becky only had one other tattoo.  Thankfully it was from the mighty Eric Carle, or Mo might not even have done it.  “Who is this crazy girl?” he asked himself.  We know because he’s admitted it in subsequent meetings.    Still, he is nothing if not game.  Check it out:

mo willems drawing

The “pigeon freaking out” pose is from Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late.

Because this is early in the sleeve process, we don’t have a lot of pictures to choose from (note that the pigeon doesn’t have a collar in the photo above).  We don’t even have any pictures of the actual tattooing process (rumor has it that mixing the exact shade of blue was the biggest challenge).  What we do have are pictures of Becky running into Mo at various book events, again and again.

mo willems prom pose

First, we have the Prom.

mo willems grab

Then, the Grab n’ Point.

mo willems pop

And finally, the Pimple Pop.

In two tattoos, Becky has captured encounters with one of the great old guards of modern children’s books in Eric Carle, and a current rock star in Mo Willems.  There couldn’t be a better start to this loving tribute to children’s books.

pigeon tattoo

Viva la Pigeon.


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