If I Had the Balls, I’d Be Philani Dladla

philani dlada micky hat

“Some of those who drive past look down on me, like I do not exist, but others see me for what I am – a dispenser of knowledge and happiness.”

The words of this South African bibliovore make me think of changing my tagline.  The man sits on the median of Empire Road in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, reading.  He gives book reviews to drivers, enticing them to purchase a book from him.  The children’s books he gives away for free.

Relentless.com is nipping at the heels of same-day delivery, but even if they get there it won’t affect Dladla one bit.  A solo, open-air, hand-selling book afficionado, he’s found the ultimate web-proof bookstore.

Read on Philani, read on.

philani dladla reads

Thanks to Sweet Reader Tone from Bal Harbour, who sent me this link to Book Patrol about The Book Emperor of Johannesberg, which in turn references the original Times LIVE article.  If you want to see Dladla in action, check out his youtube video.

9 thoughts on “If I Had the Balls, I’d Be Philani Dladla

  1. Happy to find your blog! While my own writing focus is largely on food, I’ve started offering fiction and nonfiction book giveaways. In crafting reviews, I am happy to learn from folks who have been at this longer than I! 🙂


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