Becky’s Arm Part 5: Llama Llama

llama llama home with mama

When it comes to Anna Dewdney, folks are all about Llama Llama.  With good reason; apart from Mo Willems’ pigeon, Llama Llama is the most instantly recognizable figure on Becky’s arm.  We’ll be a the grocery store, or Disney World, or picking Dylan up from after-school care, and we’ll hear a small voice call out, “Llama Llama!”  This is usually accompanied by some frantic pointing and pantleg tugging, until the beleaguered parent finally looks and sees the figure from their child’s favorite bedtime story.

But for my money, Anna Dewdney’s best book is Roly Poly Pangolin.

roly poly pangolin

I’m Turtle Clan, so I have a soft spot for shy creatures.

That said, we’ve got one pangolin in our son’s library.  He’s got enough Llama Llamas to make a volleyball team:

llama llama titles

What’s the deal, you want your kid to hate books?  Seriously, catch up.

My son loves them and my wife and I loved reading them, and now we love hearing Dylan read them to us.  Llama Llama’s big appeal is that he’s Every Child with a layer of fur.  Cute, but not too sweet like a Berenstain Bear.  Playful without being a space cadet like Pooh.  Just your average Llama, trying to be good.

Anna Dewdney draws

dicky magoo llama

That hat isn’t a fashion choice; aside from being a first-rate tattoo artist, Dicky Magoo is a veteran.

Anna Dewdney had two appearances, one in the morning and one in the evening.  Since Becky got tattooed in between, for the first time an illustrator got to see the result – in the flesh – the same day she drew it.  Clearly, Dewdney approved.
Anna Dewdney reacts

llama llama

Looking good, Llama Llama.

Fun Fact: this tattoo from Anna Dewdney got Becky her first write up in Publishers Weekly.  If you click that link and look closely at the picture of Dicky Magoo, you’ll see the Miami Dolphins losing in the background.

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3 thoughts on “Becky’s Arm Part 5: Llama Llama

  1. Another winner!
    I can’t remember if you said Becky had a Peter Brown piece? If not, being a huge fan of Chowder , I reckon it would have enough “street ‘cred” to pass with the tough crowd, as well as be endearing to the young folk! 🙂


    • Becky’s last tattoo as a Books & Books employee came from Peter Brown, and that’s still one tattoo behind. I shouldn’t have taken all that virtual time off, but blog time will catch up with real time soon enough.


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