Recommended Clothing: Wrap Yourself in Books

This isn’t a commercial because I’m not getting paid, I’m just concerned about how you’re presenting yourself to the world.  Are you putting the best “you” forward?  Have you been wearing the same dull clothes for years because they haven’t completely fallen apart, even though you know they’re ill-fitting or outdated?  Does your wardrobe reflect the person you are inside?  If you answered yes to all of those questions, then you weren’t paying attention.  Like, at all.

Second only to books on the list of “Shit I Spend Money On That’s Not Keeping Me Alive” are Out of Print t- shirts.

lots of OP tees

Seriously, I can’t stop.

I have a strict system of shirt rotation so I don’t end up wearing the same ones over and over (and no, I don’t think that’s weird; I think it’s weird that you don’t have a shirt rotation system), but the days when I’m wearing Out of Print shine a little brighter.  One glorious tomorrow, my entire wardrobe will be nothing but Out of Print and the only thought energy I’ll need to spend on getting ready will be deciding which pair of pants should play second fiddle.

But don’t take some book geek’s word for how great these shirts are; let the unassailable cool of celebrity influence your tastes, as God intended.

op flea

Flea in a Master and Margarita tee.

op chris o'dowd

Chris O’Dowd sporting Moby Dick.

op emma watson

Emma Watson rocking Great Gatsby.

And there’s even a cause to go with it – Out of Print is partnered with Books for Africa.  For each product you buy, they’ll donate one book to a community in need.  Not only will you look awesome wearing their gear (or carrying their totes, or answering a phone that looks like a freakin’ library card), you’ll be putting a book in the hands of a person who could not afford one otherwise.  Your world gets better, and the world gets better.

While you try to decide which Fitzgerald title would best cover your nakedness, you should check out their fourth annual Book Madness event.  Sport lovers have had their betting pools for decades.  Finally, book afficianados have ours – Out of Print’s Book Madness: Hero vs. Villain edition.

The deadline to sign up is Sunday, March 23rd.  Do it, or have marginally less fun in the coming weeks.

out of print book madness


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