Becky’s Arm Part 6: Cloudette


You know that feeling you get when something you see is so cute, you want to eat it up?  For some it’s a baby’s fat juicy foot.  For others it’s a kitten’s fuzzy little face.  For me it’s Tom Lichtenheld’s too-cute-for-life Cloudette.  To hear him tell it, cuteness involves two things: a large forehead and keeping the facial features clustered close together.  Tall eyes don’t hurt the cause, either.  You can’t argue with that.  Look at her little face.  Look at it!

Lichtenheld holds two places of honor at bedtime in our house, one for Cloudette and the other for Shark vs. Train.  Sure, Chris Barton wrote Shark vs. Train, but half the fun is in reading the little asides Lichtenheld puts in the illustrations.  To get an idea of what I mean, check out the book trailer for Cloudette.  If that little “tee hee” Cloudette gives when she’s playing hide and seek doesn’t make you giggle then I’m sorry, but growing up has beaten the whimsy right out of you.

This tattoo was a bit of a mission.  Tom Lichtenheld was not in Miami to visit Books & Books, as the previous people on Becky’s arm were, he was in town for Miami Book Fair International.  MBFI hosts 500+ authors, all of them timed to the minute.  Also, it’s Books & Books’ biggest event of the year.  In order to get the tattoo, Becky had to swing by the lobby of Tom Lichtenheld’s hotel first thing in the morning.

To capture Cloudette's rough outline, Lichtenheld first used a pencil...

To capture Cloudette’s rough outline, Lichtenheld first used a pencil…

. . . then used a Sharpie.

. . . then used a Sharpie.

Ta da!

Ta da!

Next, Becky had to convince tattoo artist Dicky Magoo that not only should he open Tattoos by Lou early just for her, but that he should do it on a day when he had tickets to a Dolphins game.  Dicky Magoo rarely works on Sundays, and certainly not when he has tailgating plans.

And yet...

And yet…

After getting tattooed, Becky booked it (yeah, I meant to do that) to Miami Book Fair to run the children’s booth, not before she was missed but before she got in trouble.  Later, she tracked down Tom Lichtenheld so he could marvel at how well Dicky captured his illustration on flesh.

He seems to like it.

He seems to like it.

Cloudette tattoo

Now on Becky’s wrist, it will always be cute o’clock.


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