May is National Short Story Month

Bring it.

Bring it.

National Short Story Month is not a thing the way National Poetry Month is a thing, but all great ideas have to start somewhere.’s annual May Writing Challenge grew into  Emerging Writers Network jumped on board somewhere in the middle there, and Huffington Post caught wind of it last year, so you know National Short Story Month is gaining momentum.

To honor it, I’ll be posting a short story every day this May.  I don’t know how many of these will be spanking new and how many of them will be pulled from stock but I know they’ll all be new to you; I’ve yet to submit any fiction for publication.

Will I meet my goal of a post a day?  Right now I’m bubbling with optimism and I think it’ll be a cinch.

Will all of them be home runs?  The realist in me doubts it.

Will I give myself a break by reviewing a short story collection to cover some of the days (possibly even every Friday)?  My inner pragmatist assures me this will happen.

So tune in to SwF&F next month.  I promise you’ll be entertained.


What do you think?

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