Child Star

alex keaton

He’d spent a good deal of his formative years playing the adorable, mop-headed youngest of five in a sitcom.  He aged from six to thirteen on the show.  The producers made him shave his hairline back to give him a higher forehead for maximum cuteness, and they made the hairdressers dye his hair blonde.  He was born Diego, but he acted by Doug.


He liked the show family better than his real family because no one told him what to say or how to say it in his real family.  On the show, he knew where to stand, where to sit, and what was expected of him.  He even had tutoring outside his home on how he should act during sitcom life.


Diego managed to keep enough of his money to pay for college.  He makes a good living as a real estate agent in Arizona.  Every so often one of those “where are they now?” specials track him down and they ask if he misses the limelight.  He says “no” and means it.  That’s why he declines offers to appear on D-list celebrity reality TV shows.  There’s no structure there, no one putting the right words in his mouth, no resolution.  It was too much like life to hold any appeal.


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