Becky’s Arm Gets a Caldecott Medalist

kitten's first full moon

With Books & Books’ attracting the best and the brightest of the book world, and Becky capturing their visits with personalized tattoos, it was only a matter of time before a Caldecott medalist graced The Arm.  The Caldecott Medal honors the “most distinguished American picture book for children” each year.  Like an actor who is always billed as an Oscar-Nominee after a run at the statuette, even being a finalist is a prestigious thing.  Your dustjacket will forever be graced as a Caldecott Honor book – with all the extra sales, increased longevity, and bookseller / librarian love that goes along with it – so you can imagine that the winners become part of illustrating history.

Ten years after Kevin Henkes gave us the Caldecott-winning Kitten’s First Full Moon, he became the first illustrator with the gold seal to bring his talents to bear on Becky’s skin.  Sure, he was touring for Lilly, but could a cat-lover like Becky ask for anything but the kitten?  Henkes was kind enough to agree.

kevin henkes drawing

Kevin Henkes draws the kitten safe and sound beneath Cloudette.

kevin henkes selfie tattoo

This is a woman very excited to add a feline to the tattoo collection. I’m sure the car was parked at Tattoos by Lou when she took this selfie… why would anyone selfie and drive?

dicky magoo kitten

Did you know that Dicky Magoo trained with Chris Garver of Miami Ink? Well, meow you do.

kitten's first full moon tattoo

Between the Kitten and Cloudette, this is almost more cute than one wrist can support.


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