Buy a “Badass” book today

A few months back I let you know where you could find my Florida essay, “It Grows on You,” collected in the first ever World Book Night ebook.  0’s and 1’s are all well and good, and might even be the future of reading, but for many of us there’s nothing like holding a real, live book in our hands.

Unfortunately, you can’t do that with an Aaron John Curtis.  Unless you know me in real life, in which case, just try and stop me from handing you bound manuscripts and loose leaf pages for the ever-important feedback (it’s mostly centaur porn these days but don’t worry; I’m not into it for anything other than the paycheck).

Where was I?  Oh, yes.  If you only know me from Sweet than you couldn’t hold my work in your hands… until now.


With great oration comes great publication, and Lip Service has finally put together a book.  It’s slim, well-made, and vastly entertaining, and it’s called a double-album because you can flip it over for twice the fun.  It also shares one great quality with the Lip Service live show: if you don’t like a story, don’t worry – there’s another one coming right up.

I work at Books & Books and I’m the one who added the title to our website.  As such, I took the liberty of listing myself as the third author, after the co-founders of Lip Service, when it really should have been M.J. Fievre.  Not because her publishing house, Lominy Press, put Badass: Lip Service, True Stories (The Double Album) out, but because she was the best of us.

Any time you’re involved in something with a large group of artistic people, there are always those few who operate at another level.  “Cycle” proved M.J. was one of those.

There’s not always a clear “winner” for Lip Service readings, and by that I mean one reader and story who perfectly match with the mood of the crowd.  Since “Cycle” was read aloud, Lip Service style, many listeners spent so much time parceling M.J.’s accent that they didn’t realize they were experiencing a bold, new voice in literary nonfiction.

With the publication of Badass, you can finally read “Cycle” and enjoy part of the rich story that is Miami’s literary scene.

If you’re in the neighborhood, you can also drop by Miami Book Fair International on Wednesday.  MBFI has added a local interest area called The Swamp, and it’s pretty great.  Art, music, poetry, Everglades Conservation, Judy Blume – it’s a lot of things which make Florida awesome.  The official launch of Lip Service’s Badass will happen on Wednesday at The Swamp.

I’ve been ordering for MBFI for ten years now, and I’ve got to say it was a kick to see my name in the program.  I’d like a little more of that feeling, so if you’re not in the neighborhood, then buy the book.



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