My Wife Becky and “My Friend Rabbit”

eric rohmann my friend rabbit

Becky’s gotten a few illustrators with honorable mentions but it took years for a Caldecott Winner to grace her arm.  So when it finally happened, it naturally happened back-to-back: first Kevin Henkes, then Eric Rohmann.  Rohmann was touring for Oh, No! a book he’d illustrated for his wife, author Candace Fleming.  Since Becky prefers that the illustrator draw from a book of their own whenever possible, Rohmann agreed to adorn her shoulder with the narrator of his Caldecott Medal-winning My Friend Rabbit.

In My Friend Rabbit, Rabbit loads Mouse on a toy airplane and tosses him into a tree.  To get Mouse free, Rabbit stacks a bunch of animals on top of each-other until they can reach the stranded rodent.  It’s charming fun, and like a lot of the best picture books, there’s very little text.

As Rohmann says, “The silliness is best left to the pictures.”

Eric Rohmann Becky Quiroga

eric rohmann drawing

Becky took the drawing to Tattoos By Lou North Miami, where they made it permanent.

non dicky my friend rabbit

Smiling while an ink-filled needle pierces her skin; like a boss.

Dicky Magoo was on vacation, but he recommended a different artist – Roger – who came through with flying colors.

Flying mouse colors.

Flying mouse colors – BAM.

As you can see, Rohmann went with the mouse doing a Pigeon fly-by like he was Maverick buzzing the tower.  A fine choice I’d say, and also the first time the tattoos have interacted (although the encounter does leave the Pigeon looking a bit nonplussed).

All in all, it’s a lovely addition.


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