The Halfbreed Hates You (Sweet on Tumblr)


“Faceoff” by Aaron John Curtis, Akwesasne Mohawk, Turtle Clan, April 2014

If I tell you it didn’t take long to find all of those mascots and logos then you might think I slapped this together in ten minutes.  If I tell you it took forever to find all those mascots and logos, then it might give you the impression that the problem is less pervasive than it is.  Here’s the deal;  it took two solid nights of combing Google images to gather all of these images.  It took much longer to choose, size, pair, and arrange the images than it did to find them.  And not everything I found made the cut.

Can you spot the real indian?

If you notice a mascot or logo that’s no longer in use, feel free to berate me.  But let me point out that just because a team “bans” a mascot or updates a logo doesn’t mean stores stop selling it.  Trust me; I’m from Syracuse.

I gathered all this native appropriation in one place because I wanted a killer background for my tumblr, The Halfbreed Hates You.  Check it out to see pictures of me looking angry next to racist iconography.


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